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How do I rent in Germany?
Renters can contact real-estate agents, which is probably the easiest way to find housing but it can be pricier. Renting through websites is another option, as there are a lot of websites that provide rentals for people moving to Germany. They provide information on what is needed and what comes with the housing. Among them, Nestpick is the largest search engine that aggregates listings from various providers, and makes your search easier and faster. Asking friends or coworkers if they know anyone looking for tenants is usually a great way to find housing as well.
What documents do I need for renting in Germany?
In order to rent an apartment in Germany you will need, an ID or passport, your credit report(Schufa), 3 most recent wage slips to acknowledge you are earning enough, an application containing your information about yourself and documentation stating that you do not owe money to any previous landlords.
How much is it to rent an apartment in Germany?
It depends on the area, South Germany is the most expensive, then west, north and the cheapest is in the east. If you are looking for a large, furnished apartment in the city, the price is around €1.000 to €1.500. A one bedroom apartment in the city is around €700 and the areas surrounding the city is around €500.
How much is it to rent a house in Germany?
The cost to rent a house depends on the area in Germany. It ranges between 1.000 € up to 5.000 €.
What is Warm Rent and Cold Rent?
Warm rent is when all extra-costs are already included in the expenses such as the water, electricity and gas bill. It may or may not include the internet depending on the landlord. Cold rent is only the rent cost. The renter has to contact the gas, electricity and water provider by themselves. In Germany, contracts are typically Cold rent.